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English Paper The Effect of School Libraries on Quality Education in Schools

TITLE : The Effect of School Libraries on Quality Education in Schools

P R E F A C E 
Praise be to God who has helped his servant finish this paper with greatease. Without help she may not be able to complete the author well. 
The paper is organized so that readers can find out how much influence the school library for the quality of education that we provide based on observations from various sources. This paper set up by the compiler with various obstacles. Whether it came from self constituent or who come from outside. But with patience and especially the help of God finally this paper can be resolved.
This paper includes on "The Effect of School Libraries on Quality Education in Schools" and deliberately chosen because the authors draw attention to scrutiny and need support from all parties who care about education. 
Authors also thank the teachers / lecturers who have helped making up for Facebook to finish this paper. 
Hopefully this paper can provide a broader insight to the reader. Although this paper has advantages and disadvantages. Authors beg for advice and criticism. Thank you. 




A. Issue Background 
B. Problem Identification 
C. Limitation Of Problems. 
D. Problem Formulation. 

A. School Library Purpose. 
B. School Library Functions. 
C. Library Donations To The Implementation Of Educational Programs In Schools 

A. Knot 
B. Advice 



A.   Issue Background 
Science and technology is always evolving and progressing, in accordance with the times and the development of human thinking.The Indonesian nation as one of the developing countries will not be able to advance as long as not improve the quality of human resources of our nation. Quality of life of the nation can be increased if supported by an established educational system. With an established education system, allows us to think critically, creatively, and productively. 
In the 1945 Constitution stated that the country we want to create a society yangcerdas. To achieve an intelligent nation, have formed learning communities. Learning communities can form if you have the ability and listening skills and a great interest in reading. If reading is a habit and entrenched in society, then obviously the book can not be separated from everyday life and is a basic requirement that must be met. 
In the world of education, the book proved efficient and bertepat order as one means of education and means of communication. In this regard the library and library services should be developed as one installation to realize the objectives of the intellectual life of the nation. Libraries are a vital part and the greatest effect on the quality of education. 
The title of this paper is deliberately chosen because the authors draw attention to scrutiny and need support from all parties who care about education. 

B.   Identification Problems (Background) 
In accordance with the title of this paper "The Effect of School Libraries on Quality Education in Schools", in relation to the implementation of education programs at schools, functions and contribution to the implementation of the program library. In connection with that title, then the problem can be identified as follows: 
1.  How does the role of libraries on the implementation of education programs in schools 
2.  How can the school library can truly improve the quality of education in school? 

C.   Limitation Of Problems. 
To clarify the scope of discussion, the issues discussed is limited to the problem: 
a.  The role of the library towards the implementation of education programs in schools; 
b.  The ways for the school library can really improve the quality of education in schools.

D.   Problem Formulation. 
Based on the background and the limitation issue, the problems discussed can beformulated as follows: 
1.  How does the description of the role of libraries on the implementation of education programs in schools? 
2.  How the description of the way for the school library can truly improve the quality of education in school? 


Library is an integral part of educational institutions as a collection of library materials, either the book or not book. In accordance with the title of this paper, the discussion includes the purpose of libraries, function libraries and library donations towards the implementation of educational programs. 

A.   School Library Purpose. 
The main objective of organizing the school library is to improve the quality of education together with elements of other schools.While other purpose is support, support, and complete all activities both curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities, in addition is also intended to help foster student interest and develop talent and strengthen teaching and learning strategies. 
However, in the school library when operational goals associated with the implementation of programs in schools, including: 
1.    Foster a sense of love, awareness, and reading habits. 
2.    Guiding and directing techniques to understand the content of reading. 
3.    Expanding knowledge of the students. 
4.    Help develop language skills and thinking power of students by providing quality reading material. 
5.    Guiding students to use and maintain library materials properly. 
6.    Provide the basics to the independent study. 
7.    Provide opportunities for students to learn how to use the library with a good, effective and efficient, especially in the use of reference materials. 
8.    Providing library materials that support the implementation of curriculum programs in schools both curricular, kokurikuler, as well as extra curricular. 

B.   School Library Functions. 
Based on the school library purposes, it can be formulated some library functions, as follows: 
1.    Educative function. 
The meaning of educative library function is provide library materials in accordance with the curriculum that is able to arouse students' interest in reading, developing power of expression, develop language skills, developing a style that is rational and critical thought and able to guide and nurture the students in terms of how to use and maintain library materials properly. 
2.    Informative functions. 
The meaning of the informative function is a library providing library materials which contain information about the various branches of science quality and uptodate arranged regularly and systematically, so as to facilitate the officers and users in finding needed information. 
3.    Administrative Functions
What is meant by administrative function is a library should do the recording, completion and processing of library materials and organizing the circulation of a practical, effective, and efficient. 
4.    Recreational functions. 
What is meant by recreational function library books in addition to providing knowledge also needs to provide the books that are recreational (entertainment) and quality, so that readers can use to fill free time, either by students or by teachers.
5.    Research Function 
What is meant by the function of research libraries is to provide a reading which can be used as source / object simple research in various fields of study. 

C.   Library Donations To The Implementation Of Educational Programs In Schools. 
When observed in jenih, then the school library actually contribute to the implementation of education programs in schools.Donations / role of the library include:
1.    Library is a source of knowledge and learning centers. 
2.    Libraries are a source of new ideas that could encourage the willingness of students to be able to think rationally and critically, and provide instructions to create. 
3.    Library will provide satisfactory answers for the students, as the demands of a sense of curiosity about something, have actually been built. 
4.    A collection of library materials (collections) in the library to provide readingopportunities for students who have the time and diverse capabilities. 
5.    Libraries provide the opportunity for students to learn how to use the library efficiently and effectively. 
6.    Library will help students improve in reading skills and expand vocabulary. 
7.    Libraries can cause love to read, so it can direct the taste and appreciation of students in the selection of readings. 
8.    Library to give satisfaction to knowledge outside the classroom. 
9.    Library is a recreation center that can provide a healthy entertainment. 
10.  Libraries provide opportunities to students and teachers to conduct research. 
11.  Library is a stepping stone for students to continue their reading habits at school is higher. 
12.  Excitement / interest in reading of students who have developed through the library very positive effect on academic achievement. 
13.  If your reading interests have grown and developed in self-esteem, then the library can also reduce a child snacks, which are usually negatively affect the health of children. 
14.  Even the library is also for children to stay away from delinquency measures, which could lead to less healthy atmosphere in the friendly relations between them. 


A. Knot 
Based on the description of the discussion "The Role of School Libraries on QualityEducation in Schools" can be concluded that: 
1.  The role of libraries is to support educational achievement at school. 
2.  Libraries are very important and should exist in every school in all levels of education. 
3.  Library management must be implemented in accordance with the purposes and functions 

B. Advice 
Based on the role of the library so much contribution in the implementation of education programs in schools, authors provide suggestions as follows: 
1.  Should the library be managed in accordance with the purposes and functions. 
2.  The role of the library/librarian professional should get enough stock to become a reliable and professional librarians. 

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